Monday, April 1, 2013

How to make Games:Android or IPhone

Games are one of the most anticipated and turns out be an industry.Every day we hear many games has been released each weak and each youngster and old people love to play games.So of thinking of ordinary people i am thinking about the people who want to make Games easily  Well their wait is over and their is software has been released through which you can make Game easily.The Software which is use is Unity 3d.Unity support different platforms which include PC windows ,Mac,Android for Smart Phones,IPhone Smart Phones ,Flash, PlayStation,XBOX.

     You will be thinking you can only make game for one platform not for the other.For example you can only make games for PC of MAC and not for PlayStation or Android phones.Well you will be pleased to know Unity 3d will provide you facilities to not only make Games for PC or MAC but you can make games for all the platforms.

   Another Question which came in our minds is how we can write code and which are languages are used and is it difficult?So the answer is coding in Unity 3d is simple and essay.Languages which this software support is java script and C sharp. JavaScript is simple and you can use any of the IDE. Unity has its own Mono developer IDE but for Java Script you can use Eclipse to code and for C sharp you have also option to use Microsoft Visual studio.But what i recommend you to use the built in Mono developer for Unity.It's simple and essay.
  Next it will also provide you option to make Animations in your games by using Unity 3d. Since in the latest  release Unity has given more focus on animations and had a very strong option in term of animation.Unity will also have option to build some of the basic shapes you can create.But for advance shapes you can make  them in any of the other 3D modeling tools.

 Now came the important part how you can build Game scene in to an .exe or .apk files.So Unity has made even this as more simple just go to you build setting and build Game for the Plate form you want and you don't need any coding Unity will automatically build file for you.

  One of the best Software for the beginner to make Games with this kind of software>This will make life essay for gamer to build their own games and show potentials what they can do.


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