Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4:From S1 to S4 SmarPhones

Since the release of new Samsung galaxy S4 its been saying,where the technology will go.It seems their is a new shift in the Smart Phones industry.All are making Smart Phones better than others.Smart Phones Specifications are increasing day by day.Samsung also has the same trend making Phones every year a better one then the previous.I have decided to look all the Samsung Galaxy S series Smart Phones to compare from where it started for Samsung to reach up till Samsung S 4
                 Its been three years back when Samsung has launched its first Galaxy S series Smart Phone which was named as Samsung Galaxy S.Its Specification includes: Processor 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM and
came in storage capacity of 8 and 16 GB along which has screen size of 4 inch .Which at that time was one of the best Android Phone which compete with IPhone 3GS.
               After that Samsung has launched their second Phone of Galaxy S series which was Samsung Galaxy S2 and was released in May 2011 . It was also much awesome Smart Phone which rock the market.It was the Smart Phone which had Dual Core Processor  and RAM of 1GB which was one of the fastest phone.However it screen size was bigger than Samsung S1.It Screen Size was 4.3 inch and came in storage capacity of 16 to 32 GB.
              Since receiving a  good response from Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung has decided to launch their 3rd Edition of Samsung Galaxy S series Smart Phones which was Samsung Galaxy S3.It has got a slogan as well.This phone was developed on inspiring from nature which was became its slogan.It was released in May 2012.Same as From other Galaxy S series Smart Phones  it had got an increase in the processor speed and it contain Quad Core Processor of 1.4 GHZ and 1GB RAM for international market and 2 GB for Selected Markets.It came in two screen size one was of 4.0 inch while the other was in 5.38 inch.This was one of the great step which i feel was taken by Samsung to release their best phone to all world markets.
           And now the last but more powerful Smart Phone which will be released in April 26 this year is consider to be one of the top and rich specification Smart Phone release in the history of Smart Phone.It will Contain double Quad core processor and it will come in 2GB of DDR3 RAM.Internal storage capacity will be of 16,32 and 64 GB.It will been Samsung best Smart Phone yet to come.
            It stared from a 1GHZ Processor to Quad Core and much more will come in next.


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