Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How To Setup Android for Programming Tools

Android is basically a Mobile Operating System.Android is a Open Source Operating System so any one can use it.It owned by Google and most of the Smart Phone companies use Android.For Purpose of the developing i am creating a series for  Android Programming in which we do Programming in Android and making Applications for our mobile.In first tutorial  we will first Android and download all the required file for doing programming in Android.The ADT bundle which you use will include

1: ADT plugins and Eclipse
2:Android Platform tools
3:New Android platform tool
4:New system emulator image

Eclipse is basically an IDE in which we can write our android code.It is an open source tool and any one can use it.SDK in the will provide you all the libraries and tools which are required by developer.While emulator is used for testing you app in a virtual phone Below
 are the following steps which you will need for setting up of android tools.

Step:1 Go to Google and Type Android ADT bundle or go to this link to download ADT bundle which include Eclipes which is an developing tool.Where you can type your code.

Step:2 Extract the downloaded package

Step:3 From extracted Package install sdk

Step:4 Download java development kit form following link Java Se development Kit and install it.Because if you don't install it you cannot Setup up your AVD emulator.

Step:5 Now open SDK and install the Android OS version from sdk. After Downloading your desire Android OS Now its time to setup your emulator.

Step:6 Emulator is virtual phone on which you can test all of your apps easily.

By using the ADT we will be free from setting adt link in eclipses.Following above steps requires to setup Android Development tools on your PC in blog tech world


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