Friday, April 5, 2013

IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 features

There are many rramous are going on the release of IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 that new Iphone willl not include excellent features.It is said that new IPhone will not have features which will interest the consumer.Its been saying all around that new IPhone will be released on June 20 this year but we are not confirm about the release of the new IPhone 5s.IPhone 5s will be a cheap smart phone from Apple and this means that it will may not have Retain display feature it.If this is done then it means IPhone authority will be targeting China and India.And also new IPhone 5s will not be included IOS 7 which is the latest operating system from apple.

It is rumors around new IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 have an improved camera and can take a super HD pictures.In order for IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 to take such an HD picture it must include 13 Meag pixel camera.

One of the biggest critisiams which IPhone 5s has faced is not including NFC support.It been in going that IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 may include NFC.IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 also include support for this contact leans technology on which retail store are used to purchase the items.New IPhone include which ir rumors around is A7 quad core chip processor or IGZO and retina display among others.However the Iphone authority have not telling about the features of their new smart phone.Below are the some rumors  ech feature which is to be expected in the new IPhone 5s are below

New Touch You Screen:
The new screen display will allow user to writ in the new IPhone with an ordinary pencils.Sharp Cop technology has been developed for such screen display not only it will scratch resistance but it will have 8 time faster touch response.

New Eye Protection:
Apple will be changing their screen glow mode which means they are using a new technology on the screen in dark area high brightness cause implication on the eye side.To cope that IPhone has developed technology which will limit brightness when came in extreme darkness.

New Gesture Movies:
New technology will allow a list of box appear on the screen and using that their are number of gestures are present in the movies or animation.User will be using this and any gesture they want to chose.

New Enhanced indoor mapping:
IPhone imaps has been a flop and in order cop that and to bring enchantments in their old technology they have recently make agreement with WIfiSlam to map indoor mapping with that technology.

Overall the new IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 may have feature which we hear may not include a high spec but looking at these features Apple will not disappoint you in that manner.


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