Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Microscope in new IPhone 6

Every Time a Smart Phone is released we will see a new features has been added in it.From adding GPS to smart phones to adding HD cameras in them.By developing HD screen and making them large as well.Since improvement in the technology this century we can say our features is bright and we yet have to see amazing technology in those eras.

 Its been nice from IPhone that i will give you  always a new innovation and new way to discover things.A new technology beyond our imagination. IPhone always came up new ideas and rules on the mind of all of the people. IPhone has provided you many things let you to surf internet fast given you HD camera's to take beautiful pics.

Now today what it has given you is to see tiny objects through your IPhone. You can now observer small things which you cannot is now possible with IPhone you can see them.One of the question arise in our mind is we can see things through microscope so how is it possible to see things with IPhone?So let me tell you yes you can see small things using your IPhone.IPhone has recently has launched a product through which you can see things its name is Mini Microscope.

Its function in way that it connect with lens of you IPhone and from their it will provide you detail of the things you are looking.You can observer you thumb look closely and can see incest in you home from this such a great device.Lens will give the phone a 5x modification through which you can see small object easily as you see them in the microscope.
Mini microscope is connected to an adjust able angle which consist of three LED light.In these LED light from which two of the bulbs are white which are use to observe little things while third one to see water marks on the paper currency.The Lens and light are placed on the top of the IPhone.While if you have latest IPhone model you can make touch and tweks with that as well.

You can buy mini microscope for just $22 from any of the site or you can use amazon to buy this little gadget for you IPhone. Overall the product for all of the children and young people who want to know some thing about the science and want to observer thing closely.


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