Friday, April 19, 2013

IPhone 5s specification and ramos

IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 has been in the news right now.What the new IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 will bring in with its release.We have hear and see many things. IPhone has been criticized by many because they believe IPhone making he same design as was IPhone 4 so we expect some thing new in IPhone 6 or IPhone 5 design.Since the release of of IPhone 5s and its about last year and not a year completed and we hearing that Apple will in the mood to launch their IPhone 5s or IPhone 6.Since after the release of IPad 3 and next 3 month they deliver IPad mini.So we expect any thing from Apple.

IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 release date:-

Apple has not given the fixed date of releasing their precious device but it is in news Apple will release in June.Yes you may be thinking that it is too early but however we think Apple may be thinking of release of another model of IPhone later this year.But not all people think that some say IPhone has started making IPhone release and sending them to vaders and may in May they will launch the Product.

IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 display ramos:-

IPhone will have as they have will have Full HD display screen.A touchon display has been developed by a tawain company for IPhone.Which will have 10 touch point and 0.5 mm thinner.We have also hear IPhone will not only have Retina display but it will also have sharp IGOZ display whoch will have include 1080 HD display screen resolutions. IPhone may launch two device with different screen size just Like Samsung.

IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 Camera ramos:-

There will be the same design of IPhone which i believe and the only difference will be the camera.It is expected the new IPhone will have 13 or 12 MP camera.If IPhone will put this camera it will also have a bigger flash to support that camera.If that is case then it would be a great device.

Wireless charging in IPhone 5s or IPhone 6:-

It was in the last month Apple have submitted a application for wireless utilization.Which we believe let to ramos that IPhone will introduce wireless charging.This means IPhone will use NFMR (Near Field magnetic source).

IPhone 5s or IPhone Projector:-

It has been ramos going around that Apple will also looking on the options to include projector in new IPhone.If this is added it will be first High end Smart Phone which will have such kind of technology which is implemented in them.


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