Friday, April 5, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 review

Nokia Lumia 520 is latest Smart Phone released from Nokia.It's another smart phone from nokia lumia series.It's seem nokia is more relaying on the windows phones as more and more phone which has been announced from mostly of them include windows.Nokia Lumia 520 is a low budget smart phone from nokia.
It's working is great so we think that Lumia 520 will be a good device for low budget users.

It consist of 1GHz dual core
processor inside which is of Qualcomm snapdargon s4,but as far as the other specification are concerned they are trim to reach and the match low price.It has estimited price is around $140 to $190.The dimension of phone are 119.9 x 64 x 9.9mm.As more and more smart phone are lighter so same is the case with Nokia Lumia it is of 126g which is a light weight phone and it will be essay to place this Smart Phone in Hand.

On the front side we have 4.0 inch screen of IPS LCD with capactive touch screen.It's of screen is 400 x 800 screen size.The screen is made up scratch resistance glass.On the front side we have no on screen button and have no front facing camera.On the right side of the smart phone we have a Volume Rocker button which has Volume up and Volume down.On the same side we have power button.Which is placed perfectly and below the power button we have a camera button through which we can take picture.On the down side we have a microusb port through which we can connect our devices with charger and also transfer files between our computers.On top of the phone we have a 3.5 mm head phone jack.On the left side there is nothing.On back side we have a 5MP Auto focus camera.On the same side at buttom we have mini speaker.The back cover is removable and we have microSim slot and a microSd card at back side.It include a battery of 1430mAh and it is removable battery you can easily change the battery.

On the storage side the Phone has 8 Gb of internal Storage while it support micro Sd card of 64Gb.This is very decent memory for such a low end device and can very good for the device.Next to support the 1GHz Dual core Processor it include 512 Mb of RAM which is good for running up the interface easily.

Overall the Phone is good for the low end user and all  the function which a modern Phone just a simple easy and evenlly features phone from Nokia


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