Friday, March 29, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 review

After a long of seeing of the specification of Samsung Galaxy S 4 Smart phone.It finally released in an event in NewYork.It has largest screen and large storage with fastest ever in a Smart Phone.Its the latest  Smart phone from the company of the same Galaxy S series.
        As we have seen that it a deceive which has more power more flexablity and even one of the fastest processor from all of the smart phones including IPhone 5.Samsung Galaxy S 4 is build on the same concept as the Samsung Galaxy S3 .It is slightly have bigger screen size than Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S4 have Screen Size of 4.99 inch while it had dimension of  136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm.It width is approximately  same as Galaxy S3 but it Galaxy S4 5mm long and 1mm slimmer than the S3.
      There are some of the changes has to been noted on S4 design,as contain a few small metallic banding edges on  Galaxy S4. Samsung has not done much on the other body because they don't want to change the  winning formula.The home button is exactly of the same size as it was in Samsung Galaxy S3.On the right side of the phone we have lock screen button placed well on so each user can access it easily.On the left side we have volume rocker button up and down.On the top of the phone we have 3.0mm headphone jack.On the bottom we have microusb charging and docking port.

On the back we have 13 Mega pixel camera i has BSI (Back side illuminated) which is very helpful for low light also it has a flash to take your pic in low lights.At front we have 2 Mega pixel camera and the best thong about that you can make video calling in a high resultion. Through this you can take pic while taking pic from back camera both will be show on your device at the same time.The front act as a sensor means when look off the phone it will stop playing movies or sound and you look back it will turn the video on again.This technology is known as smart phase.

Samsung Galaxy s4 is aviable in storage capacity of 16GB,32GB and storage capacity.And along with that you can also expand your phone by 64GB of microsd card.This phone is very Good if you want a high storage capcity and it provide upto 128 storage GB of capacity.

Samsung Galxsy S4 has bettery of 2500mAH which is one of the best for such high end Smartphones.This is approximately 500mAH more powerful than Samsung Galaxy S3.

Overall the Phone look and shape are similar to Samsung Galaxy S3 but looking at the Touchwiz and camera and battery option will make this Smartphone a worth while..


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