Friday, March 29, 2013

IPhone 6 new features:specification-hands on

IPhone has became one one of the top brand of modern world all of the people around the world has mostly waiting for one of the better product. IPhone has reputation they build the product professionally  Since their not long left in the release of new IPhone 6 there are many romous are going around the street what the new IPhone will bring.What the Spec will included it the latest version.Now we will discuss some the features which IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 will have in  their release later this year.

Looking at the design of Samsung Galaxy S4 it will obvious new IPhone will have a large display screen and it may be wider than the IPhone 5.New IPhone will also be slimer then the perilous version.We hear IPhone 6 will have more larger screen and the dimession of the Smart Phone will be 129.8 x 60.6 x 7.2mm.As far the weight of the IPhone it will lighter as well and weight will be around the 105g.And it feel lighter in hands.

   On the right side of the IPhone their will be Same nothing on the IPhone. Similarly on the left side we will have same Volume up and Volume down button.Along with their will Ring and vibrate button on the same side.On bottom of the Phone their will be the same 3.5mm stereo Head jack, lighting connector,Microphone and built in speaker on the same portion while on top we have  power on/off button.The home Button will be same as all IPhone version include.On Front we will have 4.5inch Retina Display Screen.

On the Top we will have 2 Megapixel FaceTime camera which will take photos and make a video on 720p HD videos along with that on the back we will have 10 Megapixel Camera.Which can make picture and take video shot on 1080p HD  it will include same features of Auto Focus and Tap to focus both in still images and videos.It also include Face Detection and Led flash on the back side.

It will include lithium lion battery which will have power of 2000mAH and this is one of the strong battery which will have around 10 Hours of battery on 3G while 300 hours of standby time and you can use internet on 10 hours on 3G,10 hours on LTE and 15 Hours on wifi. Video playback will be of 50 hours while audio play back will be of  50 hours of audio playback on this rich end device.

Storage :
As far Storage Capacity is concerned their will be a strong increase in the capacity in the Storage which include three models 32GB,64GB,128GB.Along with that you will also have External SD card support of 64GB and together you will get a maximum of upto 192GB of Space.This is Great from IPhone 6.

Operating System:
As far as OS concerned IPhone will be releasing their new OS which is IOS 7 which will be even more faster than the previous one and it will include many new features.And improved GUI interface for the interaction with the users

Overall IPhone 6 will have more features than this we keep you update from all the new features of the IPhone 6.This new IPhone will rock the world once again because ever one pay for the best and IPhone is one of the best Smart Phone


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