Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top 4 Gadget of 2013

Its been a number of things which will be released in 2013.Many of new smartphones,Tablets,laptops, PlayStation etc.It will be a new world of gadget will be releasing this year which will make us to move into the era of technology.A new era in which Gadget will be come smaller,lighter and faster.One of top most brands will launch their best things.I have Chosen Four of the Top gadget which will be launch in 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4:
It is been 4 years since launch of first Smart Phone series of Galaxy S.And now in 2013 Samsung will announce their most fastest Double Quad Core processor Smart Phone in later this year.This phone has all the things.It is Rich in Specifications,Fastest in speed,more in memory lighter in weight and slim in design.A phone which will rock the market.

IPhone 5S:
A Smart Phone which has change the world of Smart Phones.A much awaited phone which will also have many of going around what it has include.A brand from Apple means much more faster and much more professional developed and will contain much better process,better UI , Smart Retina Display.Since its launch from 3G to up till now this Smart Phone has never look back and Keep on improving each year pass.

PlayStation 4:
For Gamer's Good new for all of them new PlayStation has launched.and they will experience a new ways of experience.PlayStation has include 8 GB DDR5 RAM which make it as a fastest console.It will work on Architecture x86 and x 64.It has a GPU which is much faster then the earlier version of PlayStation.Making PlayStation as one of the Top Console from all others.Games will be better Graphics.It is also much awaited Gadget in 2013.

Google Glasses:
Google glasses is another a new Project by Google in which a person wear a Glasses and all the phone data will be displayed on the Glass of the Glasses.It has contains 3G in it which will connect with internet using that next we have a camera.Your all things are controlled by by your voice and displayed on the Glass.It was originally announced to be available in  2014 but looking at consumer demands it will be available to consumer in 2013.


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