Friday, March 29, 2013

Projector and Visa in IPhone 6

IPhone 6 is to launched in the 2nd quarter of the year and is has to have much rich features.Apple has decided to change the design of the New IPhone 6.They have been working to add as much of the features as they can to enables maintain a better quality of their products and remain as a top leader of the industries which will only come through the development of such a high end devices.Since from its launch Apple IPhone has made small changes and produce a better product each year.New IPhone 6 will have features which other Smart Phones dono't include.

Projector in IPhone:

IPhone has recently started working seriously on the including the projector in their phone which will allow their users a better experience and through that they can do task by simple throwing the projector on a flat surface.This feature will have limited access to use.User will only can see picture and play video on the phone .And also just drag their keyboard and it will displayed on the surface and from their they can type what ever they want.Since this technology is new and Apple are making it themselves.

Visa on IPhone 6:

Next rumors is not involving the IPhone 6 but also visa.Which means IPhone are adding NFC in their models which detect the credit card machine and your payment can given at any time without you have to carry your  credit card.Its seam IPhone  and visa are working together to make this phone allow user to pay through phone by using NFC (Near frequency Technology).This feature will be included in the new deceive which apple will released by installing the NFC chip in them.The system has given IPhone an access to the database of visa which is same as Google Wallet.ITs concept is very simple you just need to add all of your information into the phone and when you want to pay for your buying you just need to swipe on the machine just you do for card and your payment is done.

Since all of the featurs which have told you IPhone is very knee to make a great impact on the market.Its launch in USA will means a and it will be Premium devices and will be locked by ATT,version,Tmobile just like app are blocked in that by using technology which is beyond our imaginations.


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