Thursday, March 28, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been released a while ago but the latest update of Android 4.1 jelly bean has make this Smart Phone more smarter and it speed has increase grammatically.It looks like new update has work and had a great impact on the performance of this high rich features Smart Phone.And since the inclusion of the new TouchWiz has make its touch system more smother.
     Samsung has announced this phone November last year in an event in London which has got a top 30 millions sales of the phone reach in the month of November only making it as one of the best phone ever and top selling phone since from its launch.But the main question which arise in our mind is that phone is worth while so our money upon it?let look it

The design of the phone is based upon the slogan that this phone is developed from inspiring from nature.when you first look at the phone and put it in you hand you feel the nature by looking at nature theme.It's a large screen big device with dimension 136,6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm along with 4.8 inch along with Super AMOLED HD of screen.
     Weight of the phone is much lower and is about 133g and you feel a very light smart phone in your hand .The metal which is used for it Gorilla Glass on front and have a great solid battery cover.Samsung has announced this model in four different colors.The peeble blue color of Galaxy S3 is much great than the white one which look like a low end is placed in our hand.The four different color which it includes are Titanium Gray, Granet Red, Amber brown,Saphire Balck
    .By looking at design of Samsung galaxy S3 its look similar to galaxy S rather than Samsung galaxy S2. Their are home button is a litter bit larger but the other two Menu and back buttons are same as in Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2. The placement of the button in the device is very nice and accessible.It is a very difficult to place a button in such a large phones.On right side their is a Look key and same is power button similar to Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S1 and other Samsung Smart Phones.On the left side and parallel to power or lock button we have volume up and volume down buttons.
   On the bottom of  the phone we have a microusb charging place and also usb docking place with our PC or laptops.The battery cover is made up of polycarbonate materiel.The same materiel is used to built the body of the phone The battery cover is removable and  this means that you can change the battery of the phone as well.Now here came the most important part which we all want.yes you got it storage capacity.It support 128 GB of sd card.And along with your phone storage you will get 190GB of storage in your Samsung Galaxy S3.
At the end the overall the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is very great.So if you want a lighter,rich spec phone in your hands then go for the Samsung galaxy S3


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