Monday, April 8, 2013

HTC first review

HTC first is the latest HTC smartphone which has been released by HTC.This smart phone is different from one of the other phone which use Facebook home which is the overlay of android which has been released  by social media.

Looking at you may feel this phone is Facebook?But actually it not  it is android built on the purpose of Facebook.When you turn off your phone nothing happen.But when you turn on the phone you will have the displayed a screen in which you can put you facebook account information.

On the hardware side HTC First does not have high specification but it can be consider for low end user phone.It's body is made of rubberized materials and the in hand it feels rugged.It is has 4.3 inch screen size and it feel great experiences in hand.It's resolution wise is decent and has resolution is 1280 x 720.The smart phone has a dimensions of 125.66mm x 64.93mm x 8.96mm.It is size is similar to the IPhone 5 size.It screen is made up of super LCD capactive touch .On the account of weight it has a weight of 4.37 ounces.

Turning the Facebook home off will make you come back on the same original Android 4.1 OS.Which is running on 1.4GHz Dual core processor.And it has Ram of 1GB.Which Good for this type of Phone.By this kind of processor and such a RAM every task can easily be performed.On the Account of Memory the device has an internal memory of  16GB.And another option which is missing is the support of microSD card.The device dose not support micro SD card.

On the top of the phone we have 3.5mm headphone jack.While on the top we have a power button.Which is not an great idea to place it on the top because it will cause difficulty to reach their on the top of such device when using with one hand.On the right side we have no button placed.On the left side we have a volume rocker and also we have a camera button on the same side.On the front side we have camera of 1.6 Mega pixel.While on the back side we have a 5 Meag Pixel of auto focus camera.Through which you can make a 1080p of video.

On the back side we have a battery of lion 2100mph.Which is a good for this kind of smart phone and will be used for the high end purpose.

Overall the HTC first is good phone for facebook user and will have a good user experience.


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