Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fifa 13 review

Ea sport has done it again and made a new game of fifa series.It was not long of the release of the Fifa 12 which has rocked the market and became the best selling game in the market.But as the release of new Fifa 13 has gone even bigger impact and just only in the from release month to the end 2012 fifa 13 has gone a sale of 12 million within this period of time making one of the top selling game in that period.Features in Fifa 13 has been improved new tactics making Goalkeeper more aggressive. Improvement in the Be a Pro mode and also adding for the first time Be a Pro Goal keeper.

Career Game Mode:

In Game Mode we have two modes which are included which has been be a Manager which was old version.But in this features you have more options in searching and bidding on the player.In that you have been given a full control on how you can use transfer season and when the transfer time is less it will provide you 12 hours left count down in the Game.Next in you have been given a budget for you to get a player.You can not exceed from you budget.In that particular budget you have to manage and buy a player.As far as interface concerned its a new and a well improved interface.As you look it have news and day of the month on the top.News will keep you update about the other clubs and also tell you about your player.If you have buy and not played him in 10 matches a news will appear on the screen in which he will be requesting you to consider him in the side as he is ready to play.That is such a cool feature in Fifa 13.

Be a Pro Game Mode:

Be Pro has been improved much dramatically as you can not only play as defender as an attacker but you now have an option to play as a goal keeper as well it is such a great feature has been added by Ea.In be a pro you have option to make your game face on the internet.You just need front face pic and a side way pic just upload it and make adjustment of it.Then came back in your game and make a Be a pro player then their is option to download your game face and that's it you have downloaded your own game face now you can feel that you are playing in the same team which wish.

Along with that Be a pro have option to ask manager to send you on a loan or ask him make him in the transfer list.From their many offer has been given to you and you have to chose from their.At the end you career or at beganing  you have option to retire at any time.And if you performed well in you career you have an option to become a manager of any team which has offer you.In your career you have an option to play a football world cup for your team.If you have been selected for your national team.

As you progress in your career you have tackle injuries you may have gone out of the competition for weeks or month.And you have a form factor as well if dono't perform well you will be consider yourself out of competition.

Overall the Game is one of the best in the market of the other Fifa game.It has all the reality factor in that and you can use internet to download and latest new of what happening in the world of football..


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