Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 review

It has been increasing in the popularity of smart phones and tablets.On every passing year all the top smart phone companies included Google are trying to improve the Android operating system.All of them have worked on smart phone but no one has done much on the productive of the tablet. Recently Samsung has announced their Note 8.0 tablet.

There is a new era of tablet has begin people are liking Note 8.0 tablet because its small and easy to carry any where they go with ease.Since if we look at the 10.0 inch screen tablet is loosing market and buyer interest in such a device is losing.As we have seen int the case of Microsoft surface which has not received any great response from the market.So it is important to make tablet which is smaller in size and more efficient.

But if we look at the deceive which is lower than 10 inch devices has received a strong response from users. IPad mini and Google Nexus 2 got success because of the fact their screen size smaller than 8.0.

Now we come back to Google Note 8.0 which will have screen size of 8.0inch. which is even smaller then Google Nexus and IPad mini.The weight of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 can be placed in hand easily and you may be thinking that it will have heavy weight but that is not the case  Nore 8.0 has also had light weight.The dimension of the Apple IPad Mini 200 x 134.7 x 7.2mm while Samsung Note 8.0 210.8 x 135.6 x 7.95 mm.Display size of  IPAD Mini 7.95 inch 1024 x 768 IPS while Note 8.0 has 8.0 inch screen 1280 x 800.

It consist of quad core 1.6Ghz cortax a9 chip.The GPU will include is Mail 4000-MP.Where the chipset which it supported.The processor is very fast for such a high end device.

On the front side we have front facing camera while and along with that it will also have 8.0 inch of screen size.Which of TFT capactive touch screen.It also support multi touch.There is also a physical Home button the front side along two touch buttons.On the right side we have a power button placed well position, so user can easily access the power button.On the same side just below the power or lock button we have a volume rocker.Just below the volume rocker we have micro usb port for charging and data transfer.On the top side we have 3.5 mm head phone jack.On the right and back side we have nothing.On the back side we have rear side camera of 5 Mega pixel which has also have flash screen.

On the back side we have removable cover where we have battery 4600mph.It can support 8h of talk time battery support while music play for upto 120h.

So overall the performance of the tablet is very good and can be a popular among users because of small side.


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