Monday, April 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note III will have plastic OLED display Rumor

Since the launch of Galaxy S4 and also Samsung Galaxy Note 2.Samsung is in making of new Samsung Galaxy Note III.And each year their is an advancement in the technology field and new thing came in to built in the market.So it seems is adding some of the new features in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III.And this would be advancement in the display technology.

Samsung is thinking to introduce first in the market the display screen made of plastic in their new Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III.It will be first smart phone which will have such a screen display of plastic OLED.Samsung wanted to launch their Samsung Galaxy Note III on IFA 13.But the device will be available for customer in the Q4 this year.As you see in the above picture the display will be much thinner than Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and will have a RGB stripe.The weight of new Samsung Note III will be lighter than than Samsung Note 2.And the question which arise in our mind what will be the resolution so Samsung has not yet decided but looking at the both the Note devices it will be a large screen.

Samsung wanted to launch the device as soon as early in the Q4 this year.The information we get says that new Samsung Note will have a display size of 5.99 inch.This is the innovation which will Samsung is bringing in there new Note device.

Samsung Galaxy Note III will have plastics OLED display while if we look in Note 2 it will have Glass OLED display.The dimension of Galaxy Note 2 was 720 x 1280 while the Note 3 dimension has not been launched.The dimension of Samsung Note 2 has a dimension 151.5 x 80.5 x 9.4.Where as for Note 3 will have thickness is 8.0.The size of Note 2 is 5.5 inch HD.The size of 5.9~6x.

Since Samsung Note 3 will bringing new thing it will be a great phone.


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