Friday, April 12, 2013

Nokia lumia 928 ramous reviews

Its been long since we are hearing of Nokia Lumia 928 about the release of that particular phone.There are many ramous are going around this smart phone.It's look and and feel which we have get picture from our sources make it as similar to Nokia lumia 920.Many of the Ramos picture has been released on twitter by @evleaks.It is Ramos that verizon will be seller of nokia lumia 928.The thing which it involve and which make it different from other lumia family because it will have support for 4G.

On the account of screen display it will may have screen 4.5 inches.The screen itself is made of IPS Lcd technology which one of the best and latest technology use to improve the users experiences It will be using Windows 8 as it OS.The dimensions of the phone will be 130.3 x 70.8 x10.7mm.The reseloution size of the screen will be 768 x 1280 mega pixel.

On the front side we will have a a 4.5 inch of a screen.Along with that we are hoping their will be a front facing camera will be available and its resolution will be around 1.5 Mp.On the top side we will have 3.5mm headphone jack.On the left side we will have a Volume rocker button and along with that it will have a power button on the same side of the smart phone.It will placed in the center so for the easy access of the usersOn the button we will have micro usb port.On the back side we will have 8 Mp autofocus camera.Which will shot video on 1080 HD in 30fp.

The back cover is removable where you will have 2500mAh battery.Which will be be a great if it is placed in such a HD device.The battery is also removable and you will also have memory card slot in the same place.On the other hand it will have option to charge you phone by using wireless charger.There is no conform report for the memory about how much will placed on locking other device it will have memory around 32GB.And processor will be of 1GHz dual core and RAM which it include will be above 1GB.

Overall we have seen many ramous around but the release data is not far when Nokia will announces Nokia lumia 928 with verazion.The phone will be decent in specification and other field.It will we hope released in april or in may this year.


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