Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HTC OVE reviews

You may be thinking of  Samsung and IPhone who currently leaders of the Smart Phone industries.But don't forget another company who slowly making its mark along with these two companies is HTC.HTC is now coming with new design and powerful specification phone.They have recently launched one of the powerful smart phone which include better design large screen size and a good looking design.

 HTC one consist  of 4.7 inch Full HD screen which have 468 ppl which is good for eye to see on the screen.On the other hand it has a better CPU and RAM  that is indeed better.This Smart Phone also consist of 32 GB of internal Storage.Along with that it also support 3G,Wifi,4G connections.

Its desgine is that you really want it in your hands,where those have use Samsung Galaxy S3 will really say HTC has a better plastic than Samsung Galaxy of iS3. Since it has also light weight so those who have experienced IPhone 5 they will feel and say best light weight phone ever.Its also thiner than HTC ONE X.

On the front of the HTC One we have front facing Camera.And have a sensor which will lock your Phone while on the call.Volume Control is present on the right
side.And the design of the button is smooth looking.The power button is placed on the top of the Phone.Along with power button we also have a 3mm of head phone jack on the top side of the phone.One of the drawback of the design is placing of power button on the top of the phone.It will make user a tough job to go on the to look the screen.If the power buton was placed on the side it will provide easy convinces for user lock the screen.At the bottom of screen we have a micro Usb port which is also used for charging your phone.

HTC has a processor of Quad core 1.7 Ghz This device is one of the first device which have silicon processor in it.HTC ships in two storage capacities,which included a 32 GB internal storage while their also second 64 GB internal memory.It include one of the best RAM and the RAM memory of about 2GB is available for this Phone.Through this high end phone you don't have the support for MicroSD card.

As far as software is concerned this device consist of latest Software Jelly beans latest version of Android.Overall this Smart Phone is one of the best Phone it has all the facilities which all the latest phone have it them.A really good phone for all type of users .


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