Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Nokia lumia nexus Android based Smartphone review

Nokia has been one of most successful smartphone company has stated many times about not to launch the android smartphone but this does not means they will not they have been in the making of the smartphone which is Android OS in and it will that smartphone which has the capability which can make it to similar or more advance than IPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Nokia has decided to make a smartphone which will impact on the market right from the start and attract more and more user so that their brand can  reach to it's competitor.the name of the smartphone which will be launching at the end or on the start of next year is NOKIA LUMIA NEXUS.They have also decided the second version of the android for mid rang user as well which is Nokia N1 Android based smartphone.

We have hear Nokia has been in talks with Nokia about the new OS which wil be launched along with launch of their smartphone,New Android OS will be launched with Nokia Lumia Nexus.The OS which be used in Nokia Lumia Nexus is Android 4.4.

Other features which will be expected in the new Nokia Lumia Nexus are it has 5inch of HDD screen.A new technology has been used from which we can see image with a great resolution.Processor which has been included in Nokia Lumia Nexus is alos a new 3 Ghz Octa core processor.Which is a new mobile processor which has been using built by Nokia itself.They have researching for the last three years on such a processor and now they come with a new Advance Processor.Along with it has a GPU of 1GB which will let you play high rich graphic games in it.

Ram which is included in the has been mind blowing and it has included 8 GB of RAM.Which will more than enough for the task.This will help developer to develop apps which has a rich in graphic and processing.The Memory for Nokia Lumia Nexus has been a more attracting feature.It has included three version of Memory in smartphone and for the first time in the history of Smartphone it has included a 1TB of Storage in it.While the other version has 500GB and 800GB of built in RAM.No support external SD is available in it.

There is also has been a new features which you can using and dying waiting is a HD projector in Nokia Nexus.Which will have a keyboard you can project on the flat surface you can also watch movies by just projecting on the wall and also you can use it in the to give presentation in your office and school.Sensor are used in Projector to handel the input from projected Keyboard and also have sensor which will you to hover on screen to move object which using projector on wall.

Camera which has been included in that may be a 80MP because as we know Nokia has been producing 41MP camera which is present and it will be more likely this camera will be added in it.

Other standard features which are included in it includes involves are LTE,3G,4G which will have higher speed then regular smartphone has been given.

Main Features:-

  • Android 4.4 Operating System
  • 80MP camera
  • 1TB/800GB/500GB storage memory
  • 2Ghz Octa core processor
  • 2G,3G,4G,LTE support
  • Projector Keyboard,Projector on wall
At the end this is just a concept smartphone and is a rumor although a great impressive one and their may be chances that this smartphone may not bee released.


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