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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

In Moblie World things has change very quickly.It is very crazy to think that in more or less than a year we have seen Galaxy S4 is one of the best features Smartphone until the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5.Competition in Mobile world is also fierce and constant.Not from the Apple with IPhone 5S or HTC ONE M8.Other companies has also fray by providing one the best and improved SmartPhones in the Market.The most notable among them Included Sony Xperia Z2,LG G2 and Nexus 5.

So the question came in mind with such a high class stiff is in the market will Samsung Galaxy S4 will stand up and held his head high and called the best of the best?And how can it fulfill the need of day-to day life.

We discuss some of the best and the worst aspects of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has 1.9 GHz Quad-Core processor which is no longer consider one of the fastest in the market but it fulfill the need of Samsung Galaxy S4 and it give Samsung Galaxy S4 a bit plenty of pep.No matter what you through at Samsung Galaxy S4 it will perform Tasks in seconds.

It has a Full HD screen which allow us to watch full HD movies and Play 3D Games.Since it has high processor speed which caused multitasking and internet speed faster.This cause an eassy swipe through Menus and their is an occasion stutter occurs when it try to update and also open an app as well.

There is one issue with Samsung Galaxy Interface,their is a split second of  push between an icon.For example when we make a call a slight delay in opening of the keypad.This happen because processor is initiating.This may be a no deal but it may find a little clunkier from other Android and IPhone which perfom quicker than the Samsung Galaxy S4. Onenes you have used and open some apps it does't suffer inconsistencies.The  Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 has some how improved the issue.

Samsung has also make changes and improved in Touch Wiz interface of Samsung Galaxy S4.Touch Wiz is a Software layer which sits on top of Android.If you want you can use the Smart Pause,Smart Scroll,Air Gesture and Air View.

Despite having these features i have noticed we quickly get tired of Air Gesture and any other such kind of apps mentioned,to work worth and battery drain.They some time make phone trickier then when they are off.We will turn off these features and apps with a weeks because we will fade up and feel much happier with the experience which Galaxy S4 has provided.

The best thing About Samsung Galaxy S4 it has a 5 Inch HD screen which can be used with one hand and easily be fitted in you pocket without much trouble Galaxy S4 has one of the best screen experience.The Camera which is included is also one of the best of it's kinds.

The call quality of Samsung Galaxy S4 is very Impressive.Samsung Galaxy S4 has one of the best Stamina of it;s kind but more than good enough.,Battery life is also good while charging time is also quicker.We have see this phone which if we forget to charge at night it can still use whole day.Even a dead battery after charging 15 min give you 20 percent of battery back.

If all the features we have discussed matches with your need than Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best choice for you.It's Price has also been low since the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5.You juct stop reading and go away buy it right now.


Samsung Galaxy S4 has a lot of improvement from Samsung Galaxy S3,because of it's rich features it make Samsung Galaxy S4 as the most successful Android handset to date.Samsung Galaxy S4 has fit itself improved from old version and also from the threat of Apple.This make Samsung Galaxy S4 on top of table again from it's rivals.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is truly impressive Smartphone.Which has jump from 4.8 inch screen to 5 inch screen without any added bulk.It is 7.9mm thick,136.6mm tall and 69.8mm wide.Galaxy S4 is 0.7mm thinner.Tip of the scales is 130g-3g less than S3 and have feather weight.It's fell light in hand.

Many Add-Ons has been added in Samsung Galaxy S4 like NFX,4G LTE and even IR rmote control too.And it has built-in Micro SD card slot to expand storage.It came in 16GB,32GB and 64GB capacities.

Key Features:

Samsung Galaxy S4 has one of the best features which are need to start a perfect life.Upgrade hardware on Galaxy S4 Follow recent Android trends.It has 13 MP rear camera,while 1080 Full HD video recording  and it also equipped with flash to ensure use it at any occasion.Front Camera is of 2MP again 1080 HD recording 30FPS.Galaxy S4 camera are excellent and the new dual shot photos let take picture on both camera at same time.Dual Shot allow you to shoot a picture or shot video at the same time.While Picture of front camera appears as a thumbnail.Dual shot also give more options which include party shot and more personalized tourist snaps.Panorama,Animated,Eraser photo options which are easy to setup and use adding a new way possibility.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has software included Android 4.2.2 Jelly beans with most recent changes in TouchWiz UI creating a high user experience included with blimp of innovations and brimmed with high quality features.

Price and Deals:

Samsung Galaxy S4 price has exceeded from Apple IPhone which was usually benchmark for costly phone.Samsung Galaxy S4 16 GB price is $464 which was earlier was at $700.It's also provided by some of the retailer as well on contract of 2 years with no device charges.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may be made on the Same look like Galaxy S3 and run some what a updated hardware updates.Some will argue it's similar to Galaxy S3 but in reality the headset is a whole new beast and one of the most powerful and successful Android Smartphone.


  • 5 inch Full HD Screen
  • Vast Array of Features
  • Power full 1.9 Quad-Core Processor


  • Plastic Desgin
  • Expansive 
  • Storage Space is Limited


  • Camera Quality                 9/10
  • Performance                      10/10
  • Design                               7/10
  • Features                            9/10
  • Usability                            9/10
  • Value                                 8/10
  • Screen Quality                  10/10


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