Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best Toddler Kids APP :Toddler Kids Police Car Toy

Toddler Kids Police Car Toy is one of the Best App for your little Toddler.Toddler Police car not only allow Parents to Buy Some Time while their little kid will be playing with this awesome app.Feature which this app include are very goods and they will let your toddler to enjoy.Below are some of the Features which this app has:
★Police Siren                                                                                                                                      
★Head Light ON/OFF                                                                                                                        
★Car Security System                                                                                                                        

★When Child Touch on Accelerator Button Car Acceleration sound will be played.
★When Child Touch on Break Button Car sound will be played and back light will lit up.
★On Touching Horn Button Horn Sound will be Played.
★On Touching Siren light on image Police Siren will be played.This button hidden on image.
★Similarly Car Security System will be played when Touch on Car Doors.
★Head Light will be played when touch on Head Light on image.

This app is one of the best which i have seen for Toddler on Google Play.This App will be great Toy for for little kids.

Below are some of the Screen Shot this app have


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