Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Google Glasses review

As the days passed new technology are taking controls and they are fast too.Google Glasses is one one of the new technology has been introduce by Google.Which include a whole mobile in your Glasses It is a type of phone introduction in modern world.With your Google glasses you can  
do different type thing.You can make Picture with your Google Glasses by Simply saying "Take Photo".You can check whether forecast by just looking at the Sky and Whether Forecast will be displayed on your Glasses screen.You can also make Videos along with taking picture.It supported will 3G so when ever where ever you go you have access to all the internet facilities and also all the facilities which a modern Smart Phones has on the go.Its Navigation system make it a  very good Gadget,through which a navigation indicator will be displayed on the top which will guide you on your way.Through your Google glasses you can also do live video calling on Google Hangout and let your love one show the place where you stand.
          Simply this Gadget has great things.It will let us an easy way to move in the street without picking our phone in hands.The Glasses include GPS, MAPS,microphone, Camera. All the things are controlled by your voice. Originally it was announced in 2014 but due to consumer demands it will be available in 2013 with a high tag price of $15,00. The High price tag is the only draw back of this device otherwise this gadget has much more facilities for every day user.These are the things which i have shown is just the beginning of the new era of Smart Phones.


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