Wednesday, June 26, 2013

EA FIFA 14 PC Specification and Release Date

The main feedback which EA Sport team has revived since from the released from the successful FIFA 13 is that the matches can feel too open,too back and forth.It is very exciting,but perhaps it give unfairly favours to route-one football.In FIFA 14 changes which have been made are attempts to nurture art of build-up play,but creating the attack from the center of the ground which in turns provide a goal which feel all the more satisfying.

The most exciting aspect of sport is Dribbling which engrossing both the combination of athleticism and arrogance in order to beat the other team.While it is difficult to capture the thrill and excitement FIFA 13 has made an attempt to bring up this exciment and trill in the game but introducing the new Dribbling System in the Game.FIFA 14 has taken this Dribbling to one step forward.In FIFA 13 you can move Dribbling by Standing Still while FIFA 14 you can now move freely and while sprinting the ball at your own feel.In earlier Games of FIFA all the player are restricted to measly a turning circle of 22.5 Degree.But if we look at the real player they are not limited to this value and they can twist and turns a variety of ways.To add this to game FIFA 14 has introduce its new player physics force of momentum.

Momentum take no care for the Dribbling,and it will stop players to do anything too outlandish.Which means a player cannot change its directions instantly without consequence.And also an invisibale force will be working on the players.Also in FIFA 14 new animations has been added which you will see a player who will through his body hear and their to maintain balance.On running with ball definitely looks more realistic than before.

Along with the new features so it will be worried which make the game not more realistic.But because of the new dribbling has been added and EA is calling it as a VARIABLE DRIBBLING TOUCH.Ball is touch always with the boat of the player rather it will be dependent on the hardness of the touch.Which will make the defender an opportunity to take the ball from strikers.In new FIFA 14 defender has a new decision making system which involves decision based on each frame which will cause more realistic defending.

A new thing has been introduce which allow the player to see the front side rather in old version the character can only been seen just fee meter and our shot cannot go accurate but in new system person can look front but this will cause the defender a chance if u slightly off balance to take the ball away from you.

A new system which is about the physics of the ball. Because of the new system the ball will move in the air in more realistic way.There will nothing will you predicate about the trajectory of the ball.New ball physics has been added.These physics are more specifics to shooting the ball.It effect will also be seen in Cross,Long passes.

New User interface has been added in career mode which has new features and approach for scouting.Which will solve problem for solving the problem for finding the exact player you need.

Since introduction of these new features will increase the performance of the game and also playing experience will be more realistic.Seeing at these features i am waiting for KICK OFF.


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