Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Google Vision Concept Smartphone

Google Vision is the latest smartphone concept from Google.It is the one of the first smartphone which is project glass technology.Callum peden in Research and Development from Google which is in UK have given this smartphone concept. Basically the Google Vision is a concept smartphone which has a flexible Glass which has the ability to scroll out.GPS data and image recognition which will tell you what are your looking and also it display project glass technology.

In Google glasses their may be AMOLED or LCD display included in it.It has Camera and GPS in it.The notification will be displayed by just tilting the device,which i believe is an easy concept and easy to to master approach for using it.Voice input and output is also included in it.

As far as released of this smartphone may be in 2014 or in 2015 because of the Project Google Glasses may be released in late 2013 or may be in 2014 start but we have here that developer may be able to released explorer type edition at some point in 2013.

Many of the best people from the world has been working in this project.Along with such a superstar team their are other thing like data for maps.Also their are several engineering issues has been arriving such as how the screen will work in darkness and how it will work in extreme darkness and if they use mobile technology that does not offer dynamic focus.


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