Friday, June 28, 2013

Create First Android Project

In our previous lecture we have tell you about how to setup android SDK and also how you can downlaod ADT and virtual machine.

Now in our this tutorial we are making our first Android project.Basic purpose is let the begginer in Android know how you can create a Hello World program.We have thought it will be better to use images along with description which will even more better understanding about what we doing.Now without wasting your time i  let start of making our project.

First you need open Eclipses a window will open where use see Menu Bar and then Project Outline
panel.After opening Eclipses then you need create project so their are two ways you can do that i show you one by one.First way is you can Go to File -> New -> Androud Application.Below is the picture which show how you can do that

Next Another Screen will appear where you have to give your Application Name,Project Name and Package Name.Package name is important in this because you have to give each package a different name to identify in the market that it is app from which company.The format which it follow include "COM.CompanyName.ApplicationName".You have to write these and in same format otherwise it will give you error.

Next you have to chose on which platform your app will run and you have chose minimum SDK and Targeted SDK and Compile SDK."Minimum SDK" means you have to tell on minimum which OS it can run and "Targeted SDK"means on which maximum you can run and "Compile SDK" means on which OS you want to run.
Click Next
On next you will have a Configuration Page in which you have three check boxes where you can check to add button and creat Activity.This import you have to check this because if you dono't check it will not run you application.You can Set the Location of the Project in this window.
Click Next

Now on Next Window you can set you Launch Button Setting if you want.Click Next

Next Windows Will Open here you creat Activity configuration and select what type of activity you needed.But you should Chose Blank because it can be customized.Now Click Next

On Last Window Appear Give you activity you have created a Name or you can leve it as it is.Click Finish

Now you have created you project you can now see a list of folder in your Project Explorer.Next you see an Activity which is your MainActivity class while along that you will also see Layout file where you screen for android OS will be showing and also it has a tab which will move to xml portion.
In order to Show Hello World App you  need Go to Layout Tab and from Their from FORM WIDGET Drag TextView from their and put in the screen you are seeing.Next you double click and you will on Xml portion.

Now you have created and get familiar with Android XML and how to create a Project in android.On our next Tutorial we will be tell you how you can change the background in Android Layout. 


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