Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nokia to adopt Android before it's too late

Nokia was one of the best and top most company in the history and remain as number one in 4 5 years back but because of the introduction of the new Android OS and IPhone IOS has changed the user experience and since Android got more popularity than all of the OS because it is free and any one can use it has rock the world.Since we know Nokia is always remain dynamic and also have came up with new things so they have decided to rather going into Android they will use windows OS.But use of Windows OS does't got much popularity.

Now because of this Nokia has decided to shift from Windows OS to Android OS.Nokia has taken the pill and they will now no more afford the loss to company.Nokia has taken the pill and now they has decided to entirely shift o Android.Nokia has also analyse the cost factor about using Android as it will lower the cost of OS which they are now paying to Microsoft and it will cause a much more increase in the revenue of Nokia and because of it popularity it may reach to top again.

Nokia Rumor has been going of the Nokia N1 and Nokia Lumia Android Smartphone has been in building processor and it will not more than 2013 that we will see new Nokia Android smartphone in the market.


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