Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nokia Asha 501 smartphone review

Nokia Asha Series has been refreshed by Nokia by introducing new Nokia Asha 501.The Phone is a S40 series.It has now reached to building an interest in this series for people.The UI give a shape similar to Android.

Operating System:-
The Asha series OS has included many of the design elements from MeeGo.This is done to provide user with a fresh new look of the OS and this also means for the developer they have to code new to have app for such OS.Luckily,the new Asha 501 has come with all the apps which is needed by user like Facebook,Twitter and many others apps are following.Its also in news about the NOKIA HERE MAP app is also coming soon for this device.

Dual Sim-Cellular connectivity:-
New Nokia Asha 501 has come in both Single and Dual Sim support.But it does not include 3G in it.To reduce cost of the devices 3G is not included in it.Low end smart phone most of them does not have a 3G support while this smartphone is not a high end smartphone and its targeted audience does not need such services.

Nokia Asha 501 has a 3 inch of display.Which is a good one for such a low end smartphone and such a low price.These screen size smartphone are also present in android costing a lot more then Nokia Asha 501.Resolution is 240 x 320.It has a low pixel density.

New Nokia Asha 501 has basic connectivity features included in it which are WIfi,and Bluetooth.Along with these their is also a microusb port for charging and data transfer.RAM of 64 MB has been used this smartphone.Which i think a little low.

Nokia has not yet specified the internal specification of the smartphone,so we cannot give you accurate info about its storage but i =t can support microSD card of upto 32GB and the phone include 4GB of card in box include with phone.

Nokia Asha 501 has included a battery of 1200mAh and it can deliver upto of 17 hours of talk time and can have a standby time of 30 hours.

Nokia Asha 501 in look and feel like a very promising handset for low end users.The phone main features is of low price and it can be great phone for all the low end user we can have such phone in that price range but we have not seen any quality in the display and OS in such smartphone which Nokai Asha 501 has in it.A great smartphone for low end users.


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