Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nokia EOS Offically Confirmed 41MP camera

It's has been long about Nokia EOS has been burning.But now recently Nokia has itself starting telling itself about the smartphone.The start of the Rumor has been after the released of last Symbian Smartphone Nokia 808 pureView was announced and even though Nokia Lumia has also included PureView brand and many people have not expected 41MP camera in smartphone.

Well the wait is over.The Company has launched the second trallier for the device which will be displayed in Newyork which says that their will be 41 millision reason to fellow

Over the last month we have seen the mystories picture of Nokia EOS for the first time.Now many thing we have know about the device and now we have now about the camera of the devices.

Now we have seen that nokia eos has 41MP camera while we also has been hearing that we may see a new modify version of windows version for the devices.As the current windows does not support such kind of high resoluion pixel.


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