Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nokia Trade Up Programmer For Used Phone in US

Trade Program has been set by Nokia along with the partisanship with Colver Wireless.This allow you to give your old smartphone in return you will receive a Visa Card which you can use to buy an Nokia Lumia Smartphone.

Currently Three Smartphone are available on which can receives discounts.These include Nokia Lumia 920,Nokia Lumia 925,Nokia Lumia 928.The offer allow you to give any smartphone which you need to exchange and get to its worth and which Nokia Windows phone you can get and also you can know how much finical benefit you can get from you Smartphone.

Colver Wireless will determine the value of the smartphone.The Company has 20 years of resealing experience and they say they are constantly analyzing the market.Maximum balance you can receives on you visa debit card is $300.

Based on the condition of the smartphone will determine the worth of balance in Visa Card.If you have IPhone 4s and it is in good condition then it will give $250,$210 are given to Samsung Galaxy S3 or you may be give a $250 on HTC.You can determine the cost of your smartphone on Nokia website.After you have seen the cost of your smartphone you can then send your smartphone along with the proof that you have purchased of the Nokia Lumia smartphone.


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