Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sony Xperia Z review

Sony has recently launched their new Smart Phone which is water resistance.It is one the Unique Smart Phone which Sony has released.It has a super design and a great camera inside it.Sony has launched one of the best Smart Phone of Xperia series.

It consist of Android latest OS which is jelly beans It is one of the best devices and also much awaited device because two of other devices like Samsung Galaxy S4,HTC One,has launching soon.But Sony Xperia will be released and available to user sooner than the release of Samsung and HTC.Buy doing this Sony will achieve a edge to show its new Smart Phone to customer.

Sony Xperia Z is also rich in specification.It consist of a promising quard core 1.5GHz snaprdragon Karti processor which make this Smart Phone to execute the task fast.It contain Also contain 13 Mega Pixel Camera.RAM is of 2GB.Water and dust resistance.It consist of 1080 HD screen.

One of the best thing in Sony Xperia is you don't need any thing to remove dust from the Phone.You can remove the dust but just swiping your figure.As on the Smart Phone we feel difficultly.

If you want to see Samsung Galaxy S4 and compare and compare it with Sony Xperia Z.It similar thing but the difference in the screen size.Screen Size of Sony Xperia Z is 139 x 71 x7.9mm.So this means you have little room in your hand left.Its also light weight Smart Phone.Its weight is about 146g.

On the right side of the Phone we have port jack on which you can sim in it.Head Phone jack and a volume Rocker.On the same side we have a Power button.Which is placed on very good position so user can easily lock or unlock their phone.On the left side of the Sony xperia we have microUSb port.Through which can make data transfer within Pc and use to charge our smart phone with the same cable.On the side we have MicroSD card slot.On the front side of the Sony xperia we have a front facing camera and lock sensor to lock our phone.On the back we have a reare Camera and flash along side with that we have also logo of sony.As far as battery is concerned so you have no luck to replace the battery.It is so annoying to see that such a High specification smart phone has no removable battery.On the front side we have 5 inch screen.

We have experiences Sony has gone for TFT which have 1080 x 1920 pixels which has pixel density of 441ppl which explain it screen experiences no much of great.If you compare its screen with AMOLED you will feel the difference.This means if you the screen of the side you feel LCD like display on which we cannot see from side.

The pluse point for Sony Xperia Z is it water resistance feature.Buy Buying such a hing end phone and if droped in the tub and will below off.But test it and the work perfectly well.One thing you should
 remember you should cover all the ports before droping it in the tube.


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