Saturday, May 4, 2013

Will IPhone User will Jump to Buy Samsung Galaxy S4?

Samsung in recent past years has done much to improvement in their smartphone.Their smartphone recently got increased in popularity for good reason because they have made very innovative smartphone. Because of this they have given a strong competition to Apple IPhone SmartPhone.The main competition is between Samsung Galaxy S which has android OS series and IPhone has IOS series smartphone.

Samsung has jump from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Samsung Galaxy S3 this jump was a very big step which bring enjoyment to company in both critical and commercially.Which left behind IPhone which has the same design and same features which are in IPhone 4 only screen size has been inclreased. Now it seems similarly situation now when Samsung has released Samsung Galaxy S4 which has great rich in features and new Innovation has been included.If IPhone 5s has not bring any innovation into the smartphone then their may be chance their users will make shift from IPhone to Samsung.

You all know smartphone market is evolving at very fast pace and those who bring invocation will lead the market.That is why most of the IPhone users who want new things in IPhone may be tempted by new Samsung Galaxy S4.Those who are loyal to Apple admit that Samsung is the company which is leading in innovations.And the prefect example is Samsung Galaxy S4.It has large screen new Software improvement,cameras with new innovations and have high resolutions and large array of features which is included in it.Those people who are loyal to IPhone are losing patience and if Apple does bring something new then they also will move towards Samsung.IPhone 5 Innovation has been outdated right now for 2013.

Apple supporter may argue in term of hardware IPhone has bring innovations.IPhone was the first     smartphone which has bring 3G in smartphone one year after the launch of Android OS.Apple is not in a hurry to move from 3G to 4G LTE very easily.New feature NFC which apple has not since its launched added in their IPhone series smartphone.On the other hand most of the Android devices have included NFC in their smartphones.IPhone dose not have innovation in it

Samsung company is more of an innovative company which always bring innovations in their smart phone.As constantly bring improvement in hardware,lage display screen,more powerful CPU and GPU,keeping pace with latest technology adding NFC technology in their smartphone. Interm of software Samsung has also left behind IPhone in that prospective

Overall Samsung has bring more and more new features and also cause an increase in hardware specification
and bring first all the latest technology while apple on the hand late in these type of thing and we belive if apple has not bring an new thing in IPhone 5s then it will be decrease their sale and popularity


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