Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos review

Samsung has announced Galaxy Grand Duos on December 18.Samsung Galaxy Grand has been released in two colors Blue and white version.It has the features of Dual Sim card support.Since it's White version has released so we have decided to make a review about Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos as we have mentioned earlier came in two colors which is blue and white.we can see Samsung Galaxy Grand look a little bit bigger than Samsung Galaxy S3 while a bit smaller than Samsung Galaxy Note 2.It is very feel very comfortable to hold in hands.Samsung Galaxy Grand is Smaller and thinner than Note 2.

At the font side of Samsung Galaxy Grand we have front facing camera,speaker,level sensors,screen size of 5.0 inches and a home button.On the left side of the smart phone we have Volume rocker button is attached.Where as the Power button is located at right side of the smartphoneWhich is placed on location which is suitable for the users to easily use it.On the top of the device we have a 3.5mm of headphone jack.On the bottom of the devices we have a same micro USB for charging since it has not been changed by Samsung.On the back of the device we have Speakers,8MP camera sensors and LED flash light.The whole cover of the device is made up of plastics.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos has 8MP of rear camera while the we have 2MP of front facing camera.Rear camera which is of 8MP can take a very excellent Qualities pictures with resolution of 3264 x 2448.Which can shoot a 1080p video at 30 frame per seconds.While front facing camera is mostly use by user only for video calling and it is pack with 2Mp camera which make video calling simply impressive.
Rear Camera has many features on of them is brightness mode.By adjusting the brightness you can take a better picture result from this mode.The other modes which Samsung Galaxy Grand include in camera are Panorama mode,smile mode,brust shot mode.In Panorama mode you can take picture at 180 degree.

There is an excellent battery has been added in Galaxy Grand from Samsung.It's capacity is 2100mAh which is very good and the phone can be used for a complete day with recharging.If we look at the battery time while the phone is stand by it has 440 hours in Dual Sim mode.While it has talk time time is 10 h 10 min.

The speed of galaxy is not excellent but a good one at some point.Since it is a mid end smart phone so we expect this thing in device.It is running Android 4.1.2.The device contain 1.2 GHz Dual core processor and  a RAM of 1 GB.Which is decent for such a mid rand device and it can give user a enjoyable experience to user and can run application smoothly.

Since as compare to memory of high end devices we have seen Samsung Galaxy Grand has not has not a very much of high memory it has a decent memory of 8 GB.While the plus point and not to worry about the memory issues it will have a micro SD card slot available which can support upto 64 GB of SD card.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is a decent smart phone for mid rang users.It's a great smart phone  for all those dual sim card support lover.The device has a decent processor which can perform to make the device run any application smoothly because if having 1GB of internal memory.The device will give us a great big screen experience at such a low price.
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