Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Samsung First 2 TIzen OS Phone Name Leaked

Samsung has been one of the successful brand in Android OS.It has developed one the best smartphone in android OS.Samsung success rate by using Android OS has dramatically increase such from the launch of Samsung Galaxy S series.Samsung has also been making smartphone with windows OS but it has not recive as much of the success as it got in Android OS.

Now we all know on Tizen Platform Samsung is working along with intel.Tizen is an Operating System which
which is used in IVI(In vehicle information),Smartphone,tablet.Tizen OS is Linux based and it is Open Source.There 2 device are for developer versions not the acutal one to be sell to consumer.Samsung has already released their first phone on which the Tizen OS is ruuning in first or the second quarter this year.

Samsung as mentioned earlier Samsung has been working on the 2 devices which will running as Tizen OS.The name of the phone which we hear from developer doceument which is available on Tizen store aer GT-I8880 and GT-I8805.And on the same document we have seen the name of the phones are Redwood and Melius.It will Redwood which most probably belong to high ends devices family means it will have higher features which you can think of adding 4G in it while the Melius will belong to mid range phone which include 3G in it.

Since from the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 in March Samsung Vice president has announced and confirm that both devices which will be releasing will be rich in features which are in android.

As we have seen when Samsung has launched smartphone just like their first bada phone they have include in it for the first time a Super AMOLED display and it has a processor of 1GHz and we can expect from Samsung by launching their phone with Tizen OS include new Technologies


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