Friday, May 17, 2013

Report on Nokia EOS smartphone leaked

Three Phone has been announced from Nokia in last week, but none of them smartphone which was launched  is Nokia EOS.A ramour has been around about Nokia EOS device.Some people has claimed that they have seen the device in person but they don't have image of the devices along with them.

Nokia EOS which has created hip in Nokia Fans has similar in look like the Nokia lumia 920.But as compare to Lunia 920 weight its weight much lighter.The device has been a little bit thicker from the middle rather from edges and the smartphone is made of polycarbonate.

On the back their is an Automatic lens cover which open to show the round shape lens which is inside in it.The lens is of round shape and its size a little bit smaller than the size of Nokia Lumia 920.The resolution of the lens is unknown.On the back side next to camera we have Xeons Flash with two two LEDs look like similar to old Sony mobile flash.Red for AF assist while the white one for flash both for video and Images as well.

There was a new app has been added in it which name is Nokia Pro Camera and the function it perform is provide manual focus to user.Pro Camera is just an app but because of the Lens the app perform very well.

On the front screen the display is similar to Lumia 920 which means it will have a screen size of 2.3 AMOLED display.On the left side in picture we have a Volume rocker button while we have also have a camera button and also a microusb port as well.

Since it is a remour so don't believe it may be the device may launch or not 


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