Saturday, May 4, 2013

Top 5 features in new Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has launched their Galaxy S series smartphone in march which have new things and innovation has been introduce in it.By launching with such a high features has intensified their rivals.New Samsung Galaxy S4 has new sharper screen from Galaxy S3.Samsung has launched Galaxy S4 through 324 carriers in 155 countries given a wide reach of the smartphone than IPhone 5.Samsung new smartphone has some of the unconventional features included in it.Let look those awesome features of this smartphone

1) Finger hovering on Screen Sensors:-
Samsung has some of the new technologies in the smartphone which allow user to interact with S4 more easily.It has a screen sensor which allow the user to hover on the screen without touching it.Some applications are responsive for this these features.In the Gallery it shows expanded gallery,while the mail application shows few lines of mail when finger is hover on it.

2) Divide S4 into personal and Professional life:-
 In Samsung Galaxy S4 their is a tool available which enable you to make a dividing line on your smartphone which means one portion you can use for your professional life while the prat contain your personal information and photos.This feature is look similar to Blackberry.

3)Tilt your S4 to scroll up and down:-
This features addition has bring new ways for navigation Example if smartphone detect that someone is looking at the screen the user can tilt is forward and back to scroll up and down a web page.The feature which lack and what consumer are expecting that it will scroll the page through eye moment rather than tilt.

4)Samsung Galaxy S4 Video Playing sensitivities attach to eye moment:-
In new Samsung Galaxy S4 the feature which is included in it when a user is watching a video the streaming will continue to play soon a person eyes move and they look other than smartphone the stream will stop.This feature is extension of the previous feature which was if no one is looking it will turn off the display

5)Samsung Galaxy S4 has Big Screen:-
Samsung Galaxy S4 came with a big screen of 5 inch with 1080p pixel screen resolution which is big smaller than S3.This is because the new smartphone will discover more of surface area of phone.
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