Friday, May 3, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 User Interface Review

Samsung has been been producing one of the best smart phone recently and one them is Samsung Galaxy S4 which is the fourth smart phone from the Galaxy S series.We have made review earilier about Samsung Galaxy S4 design now this review is about User Interface of Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is using the latest Android OS which is Android 4.2.2.jelly beans/Jelly beans is the latest Google Android OS available now.It has a new TouchWiz interface feature has been included.Both the operating system and Touchwiz make a better smartphone experience for its users.

Let begin our review from the lock screen.The new lock screen widgets has been present in the Android 4.2.The lock screen shows time along with personal message and beautiful picture and tells also the information of photo where it has taken.On the lockscreen we have a Lens flare effect instead of water ripples.You can change it and make your own choice lockscreen opener effect.

Multiple panes are present on the lock screen in which each pane include different widget.On the right side the page is a special one it can either include camera or it may include your favorite apps list.While the left page contain other widget such as Messaging,email,Google Now,Music player,yahoo and also you have an option to download apps from playstore.

By default we had shortcut options was available which has been removed,the right side page has taken its role.But their is also has an option,you can enable the shortcut option and can place upto five shortcut their.

At the top we have eight landscape or five toggles button that allow you to quickly enable or disable features.More than five toggles and you can swipe horizontally to reach others and you have other option you can tap the new button which will allow you to get the grid layout of all shortcut toggles.We have display brightness slider just below the toggles.You have option to disable this to get more space to receives notifications.The notifications are same as no changes have been made in them.

Home screen has not been changed and it same as it is in previous smart phone.Many of the app has been provided by Samsung itself to swipe the screen from left to right or from right to left in 7 home screen.Pinch zoom to show all the home screen while you can add or remove home screen,

Similarly the app drawn hasn't change.The app has been shows in the form of grid as in previous version of the Samsung Galaxy Smart phones.You can hide short of apps and also can remove app.Their is an also option of downloads app in which it will show all the apps which are downloaded and installed on your device.You can also create folder to stack your apps.You have also have the Widget button as we have in the ICS in which all the widget are present and you can select any widget and place it your home screen.

Multi windows option come in Samsung Galaxy S4 in which you can open two application side by side on the same screen.You have the option to give division line for any app you want to give more space.You can only use those apps which have the option to use them in the Multi-windows.

You can see the change in the placing of the Setting Button has been change.Samsung has instead of going to similar old way of using button then have use tabbed interface.Top we have four tabbed button which include Account,Connection,My devices More.The use of tab make the use of navigation in setting menu more easy and faster for users.

You will like the new TouchWiz iteration which has been made by Samsung.Despite of having more and more features which are included in new Samsung Galaxy S4 all the things are well organized.The whole thing which we experiences is more responsive because of the great hardware it had used.


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