Monday, May 13, 2013

Release date of IPhone 5s Not Far,Leaked motherboard of IPhone 5s

According to many rumors leaked the information that the release date for IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 is not far away.The rumor leaked different information about the new Apple IPhone 5s these different thing also include may be loaded with  12 MP or 13 MP camera.As you see in images about the IPhone 5s motherboard .Rumor are going around and new leaked information are available that IPhone 5s or IPhone 6
aims to have change in the motherboard design.Which means new part which will be included are different from the previous version of IPhone.

The Asian supplier and retailer are in a hurry to publish the images of the parts which will be expected to be used in new IPhone.The also publishing the images of the unannounced images of Apple parts.It has been seen both in IPhone and IPad cases when ever a new device from Apple is released it's accessories came into market way before is released.

As we look at the leaked picture of new IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 that their are some of the new changes made in the IPhone motherboard make it a little smaller than the previous version of IPhone and has added some of the new features in it.The difference can be seen on the device motherboard,their is a change in the position of camera a LED flash placement in new motherboard and old motherboard.

Many of the rumor who have leaked motherboard sources says that since new IPhone may be cheaper than IPhone previous versions so it will be a motherboard which will be used in the cheaper IPhone.Which was according to them is building in the FOXCONN.It does not matter whether it is developed in any place but what is matter now is Apple is bringing constant upgrade and improvement in new IPhone.

It also has been rumored going around that because of the new Camera addition causes the change in the mother board of new IPhone 5s.

We have a seen many rumored about IPhone before it's released ever time when an IPhone or an IPad devices is announced many rumors are hitting on the web what is expected in IPhone next version.Any how what we advice you to take rumor as not importance.
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