Friday, May 3, 2013

New Samsung Switch App:IS it handy or not?

Samsung echo system which most of us on gatechworld thinks is not very much of capable as compare to other smart phones.We consider it is not very good Lots preloaded application in the Samsung smart phone devices are not very good or you can say useful.But thanks to Google Play store we can download application easily of any kind.
This time we are now testing the Samsung Switch Application which came pre installed in all of the new Samsung devices.By using this application you can send documentation to other by using NFC technology.Samsung is basically a backup like application which has the capable only if you have Buy a New Smart phone and you want to transfer all data from your previous smart phone to new one.

Switch App working:-
Let assume we have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and we want to transfer all of application images from gallery's to our new Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy S4.
Step 1:-
Download Samsung Switch from Google App store or Google Play.
Install Samsung Switch on both Samsung Galaxy S3 and also on Samsung Galaxy S4 devices.
Use S Beans to connect both devices with each others.
Now after connection is established select files from Samsung Galaxy S3 you want to transfer into samsung galaxy S4.
Hit Share Button and wait to send the whole data to devices.After a fews seconds or minute depends upon the file size the whole date will be transfered to Samsung Galaxy S4.

The devices which support Samsung Switch are listed below
Easily can work on Samsung Galaxy S3,Samsung Galaxy S4,Samsun Galaxy Note 2.
This app will be available in US IOS only at the launch.
Where it support IOS 4.2.1and higher.
For blackberry it support 6.0 or higher.
For the android devices it support Android 2.3 or higher.
Also works on Nokia devices as well which support Symbian 40 or Symbian 60 devices.


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