Monday, May 6, 2013

New Nokia 16 lens camera might be released in upcomming smartphone

Nokia is one of the leader in bringing the innovation in smartphones.Nokia has been one the leaders in high pixels camera launch smartphone and always among the leaders in introducing new cameras in smartphones.Now its has been ramour going around the market about  Nokia that they may be thing of a new smartphone which has better and smarter camera.

It has been ramour going that next Nokia Lumia may have 16 lens camera in it.16 leans camera which  Nokia is using is from Pelican Imagine who have module which can be used for smartphones.The Company has been in the talk with Pelican imagine about their technology to be introduce in the Nokia smartphones.And most probably they may have a chance for Nokia to release their first 16 lens smartphone in earlier quarter in 2014.

As we have mentioned earlier Nokia is a company which has always come up in camera improvement features as we have already seen from them about Nokia PureView 41 megapixel camera,which was coming in Nokia Lumia devices.

So you will be thing what this Pelican Imagine 16 Leans Camera module include and what this so better and great than others.Well the device will have 16 lens camera features which means camera has 16 different lenses in which all of them can take pictures while we shot the image.While every information from the depth can give us strong pixel information.

This look like similar to laytro camera which allow the user can take  picture by having different focus point or even have multiple focus point through which user can take images.It also allow the user to alter the focus of camera.

It has also have the photographer feature which allow the user to change the background and can scale any portion of the image and can also used to combine multiple elements multiple photos to make them a new image.The photographer features allow the users download image from internet and can add information needed and upload it on internet again.

The tech concept is very good and if it has been implemented in smartphone it will increase the performance of the capacity of camera for the smartphones.Since the information we have given is not accurate and neither Nokia and nor Pilcan Imagine has conform about to implement in the smartphone
 its just a ramour.
                                                                                                     Nokia N1 Android SmartPhone Ramour


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