Thursday, May 2, 2013

New IPhone 5s Release date leaked RUMOUR

IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 has been one of the most awaited smartphone in the world right now.All the apple smart phone has been waiting for the new IPhone 6 or IPhone 5s release date since in last Apple will be holding developer conference in Jun 10 this year and they are expected to release IPhone 5s or IPhone 6 on the developer conference.However Apple has not confirmed about the release of the IPhone 5s or IPhone 6.Since many news has been going around for the Apple IPhone release.

A Japanes Carrier KDDI employer have leaked the document which shown the detail of the new IPhone 5s released date in Japan.The document has been published by french website the document the release date for IPhone 5s have been written on it.The date which has been mentioned on the document is June 20.So the date for launched for IPhone 5s in Japan will be om June 20 but their is no date written on it for the release date of IPhone 5s in rest of the world.If we look at the release date of IPhone 5s in Japan it means Apple will be releasing IPhone 5s in U.S well before the released than Japan.May be as mentioned above they may release the IPhone 5s in the developer conference which will be on June 10.

Another thing which is been noteable below the release date we have some features changing their are major features changes has been made in the new IPhone 5s.The features which has been included according to the document include Finger Print reader for the lock system for IPhone 5s.While it will have a rear camera of 13 Megapixel camera and the Operating System which it is running is new IOS 7.While if we look what is written in green tell the monthly bundle offer which will be given to subscriber including LTE plan.

The document also hinted the developer conference which will be held in between June 10 to June 14.If the IPhone 5s will released on that conference then on june 20 the pre order sale for the will begin.

Possible New Features:-
Apple new IOS 7
Finger Print Reader
13 Megapixel camera

This is a rumour and may not be accurate as apple has not confirmed about the release date for the new IPhone 5s.The information which we have provided you is just a rumour which has been going around may be it is correct.


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